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The 2014 season is here!

It's fun! It's free!

Welcome to the 29th season of the CFPOOL!

The server is up and ready to take your entries.

The Entry Form for Week #14 is due by kickoff Thursday, November 27th and includes games from both Friday and Saturday as well. The next entries posted will be for the bowl games and will most likely be posted on Monday, December 8th or whenever the schedule is finalized. (Also, see note below about the bowl entries.)

If you do not have a login, fill out an entry form (using your desired username) and you will be prompted to create a login after you submit the entry.

Contact Us if you have forgotten your password.


The feedback was overwhelmingly positive for including all four of the possible national championship matchups as part of the Late Bowls entry form and dropping the three matchups that did not materialize after the semi-finals are complete. We will follow that plan this year.

In addition, we are requesting feedback on the possibility of allowing people to modify their entry forms after the kickoff of the first game. This would be for the two bowl entries only to allow for lengthy period of time between the first game and the last games included in the entry.

Any game that has already started will be locked in and can not be moved up or down in the confidence order nor can you switch your choice for the winner. The bowl games that haven't yet kicked off can still be updated. The drag-and-drop version of the entry form will show the locked-in games in pink and will not allow you to drag them. The classic version of the entry form won't give you any visual feedback on the locked-in games, but can be used to update your entry as well. However, it will reject any upated entry that changes the locked-in games.


The main drawback for the plan is that it would open the possibility for contenders for the season title to flip the last couple of games to upsets if that is the only way to win the season. To reduce that possibility, we will lock down all of the remaining games for the Late Bowl entry at kickoff of the first game following the semi-finals. That would lock down the final seven games of the 18 games overall (after drops).

If you would like to give feedback to us about whether or not to allow modifying the bowl entries after kickoff of the first game, please let us know via the "Contact Us" page.


Some of you may have noticed that we have introduced a new version of the entry form on the web site that supports dragging-and-dropping the teams to change the confidence order for the games. If you want to try it yourself, there is a link on the entry form to go to the drag-and-drop version (and a link on the drag-and-drop version to go back to the classic entry form as well).

If you have any difficulties with the new-style form, please let us know via the "Contact Us" page. Please include the browser and operating system you are running if you have troubles. (If you're not sure, the browser type and version can be found listed near the bottom of the drag-and-drop entry form.) We've tested it on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. We've also validated that the new form works on iOS and Android, though you can't actually drag-and-drop the rows. On the mobile browsers, you will click on the buttons towards the left-hand side to move the picks up and down.

If things go well, we expect to switch the entry form to use the drag-and-drop version by default. For now, you can go back and forth between the versions and it should remember which style of entry form you used for your submission the last time around and use that style as your default the next time around.


New entry forms will generally be posted by Monday night each week, though there may be the occasional exception where an entry will be available as early as Sunday night.


The situation for incoming email remains unchanged from the last few years. We have found a new provider for outgoing email so reminder and other requested emails should go out as expected. Please use the "Contact Us" page to report any problems or ask questions. This is the only reliable way to contact us since those messages will be forwarded to our personal email addresses. Email addressed to cfpool@cfpool.com will typically bounce or just disappear.

There is no requirement to receive email from us to participate in CFPOOL. You can set your email preferences accordingly on the Member Services page and leave the "Email Confirmation" box unchanged when submitting an entry.