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The 2014 season is here!

It's fun! It's free!

Welcome to the 29th season of the CFPOOL!

The server is up and ready to take your entries.

The Entry Form for Week #1 is due by kickoff Thursday evening, August 28th and includes games from Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

If you do not have a login, fill out an entry form (using your desired username) and you will be prompted to create a login after you submit the entry.

Contact Us if you have forgotten your password.


Because of circumstances beyond our control, new entry forms will generally be posted by Monday night each week going forward, though there may be the occasional exception where an entry will be available as early as Sunday night.


The situation for incoming email remains unchanged from the last few years. We have found a new provider for outgoing email so reminder and other requested emails should go out as expected. Please use the "Contact Us" page to report any problems or ask questions. This is the only reliable way to contact us since those messages will be forwarded to our personal email addresses. Email addressed to cfpool@cfpool.com will typically bounce or just disappear.

There is no requirement to receive email from us to participate in CFPOOL. You can set your email preferences accordingly on the Member Services page and leave the "Email Confirmation" box unchanged when submitting an entry.